Over the course of many years, CKT TEK has been taking professionalism, active research and development, innovation, self-discipline, mutual trust, care and sharing as its company philosophy, using limited resources to maximize benefits to customers, manufacturers and companies.
CKT TEK Co., Ltd. was founded in 1976
        CKT TEK Co., Ltd. was founded in 1976, specializing in the production and sales of various silicone rubber products. In order to expand the company's long-term development and sustainable operations, The business model has been transformed from OEM to ODM and commodity market products, in order to seek the best interests of the company and the best welfare of employees to create a win-win situation. With many years of experience in silicone rubber manufacturing, CKT TEK has continuously accumulated professional technology and strived to make breakthroughs and grow stronger. It provides customers with a variety of value-added problem solutions and has won deep recognition and trust from customers.
        In order to strengthen the service strategy of product diversification and move towards the comprehensive development goal, special investment was made to expand the factory building. In 1988, a raw material factory and The mold factory purchases advanced machines and equipment and uses a modern overall production system to achieve consistent and standardized quality. Customer service-oriented and market competition trends, Qunlin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Dongguan, China in 1997 to establish a full-process production plant to provide stable product quality, competitive product prices, and fast service nearby. Customers, save logistics and labor costs, and simultaneously achieve the green environmental protection goals of energy conservation and carbon reduction. Master the quality with a one-stop production method and market it to any location in the world.

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Year 1976
Established Shenyu Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.
Year 1997
Dongguan Qunlin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established
Year 2001
Suzhou Shenxing Statue Technology Co., Ltd. was established
Year 2002
Passed IOS-9001 quality management certification
Year 2009
Passed IOS-16949 automotive quality management certification
Passed IOS-14001 international environmental management certification
Year 2010
The head office was renamed Shenxing Technology Co., Ltd.
Won the Golden Feng Award for Outstanding Corporate Leaders
Year 2017
Passed IOS-13485 medical equipment quality certification.
Passed IECQ-QC080000 hazardous substances process management certification.