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CKT Tek Co., Ltd. was founded in 1976     CKT Tek Co., Ltd. was founded in 1976, specializing in the production and sale of various types of Rubber products and Rubber rollers, to expand the company's long-term development and sustainability, the business type from the OEM foundry transition to ODM and commodity markets, to seek the best interests of both parties to create a win-win situation. Years of silicone rubber manufacturing experience, makes CKT Tek accumulating professional technology to break through and thrive, and provide customers with a wide variety and value-added problem solving program, receiving recognition and trust of customers.     In order to strengthen the service strategy of diversification of products, towards the comprehensive development goals, special finance the expansion of the plant, raw materials factory and mold factory was established in 1988, procurement of advanced machinery and equipment, through the modernization of the overall production system, so that the quality of consistency and standardization. Customer service-oriented and market competition trends in Dongguan, China in 1997 with the whole process of production plants, stable product quality and competitive price, fast speed to the nearest customer service save logistics and labor costs, and synchronized to achieve the green goals of carbon reduction. Master the quality in one-stop production and market it to any place in the world. In the many years of history, CKT Tek Co., Ltd  has been self-discipline - professional active R & D and innovation, mutual trust, care to share - for the company philosophy, to maximize the effectiveness of limited resources. Allowing the customers, vendors and the company all three parties to reciprocate successfully. History Founded CKT Rubber Co., Ltd 1976 Founded Founded CKT Rubber Co., Ltd 1977 Founded Donnguan Qunlin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd 2001 Founded CKT Rubber (Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd 2002 ISO-9001 quality management certificated 2009 ISO-16949 automobile quality management certificated ISO-14001 environment quality management certificated 2010 Rename CKT Rubber to CKT TEK Co., Ltd. 2017 ISO-13485 medical quality management certificated Now Certificate IATF-16949:2016 ISO-14001:2015 ISO-13485:2016 ISO-9001:2015 IECQ-080000:2017
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